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Watch this video and more on Wonderscape Education

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History Kids - City Government

Institutional Pricing - $99 / Year • 19m

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  • History Kids - 3 Branches of Government

    Learn all about the U.S. government. Realize why the writers of the U.S. Constitution created our government to include three governing branches: The Legislative Branch, The Executive Branch and The Judicial Branch. Furthermore, understand who is involved in each of the three governing branche...

  • History Kids - How a Bill Becomes a Law

    Learn what a bill is and how the process of a bill becoming a law gets started. An energetic, on-screen host suggests creating a bill yourself to save and protect your favorite, hometown park from being turned into a shopping mall. Follow along step by step, as your bill goes through the multi...

  • History Kids - Benjamin Franklin

    Students will learn all about Benjamin Franklin's life as a printer, writer, scientist, inventor and Founding Father. From discovering electricity to helping shape our country, Franklin has had a major impact on our technology and our government. Students will come to understand why Franklin i...