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Watch this video and more on Wonderscape Education

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Start Smart - Me My Selfie And I - Protecting My Digital Self - Grades 7 - 9

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  • Science Kids - Plate Tectonics

    Learn about pangaea and the continental drift theory.  What evidence supports it?  What are tectonic plates?  What are the differences between convergent, divergent and transform boundaries?  Find out, with the help of detailed graphics, diagrams and exciting video.  On-screen, multiple-choice re...

  • History Kids - Katherine Johnson

    Explore the incredible life and accomplishments of NASA's Katherine Johnson, nicknamed the "Human Computer."  Understand her major contributions to the United States space program as a physicist, space scientist and mathematician and appreciate her remarkable legacy.   This program features detai...

  • History Kids - Running for President

    Learn all about the presidential election process and see the 2016 candidates, such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz, that are pursuing the highest office in the land.  What are the United States constitutional requirements for a presidential candidate?  What are the...