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Watch this video and more on Wonderscape Education

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History Kids - State Government

Institutional Pricing - $99 / Year • 24m

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  • History Kids - City Government

    Students will learn all about why cities exist and where they get their powers, what the two most common forms of city government in the United States are, and who is involved in the different types of city government. Students will also learn how city officials get their jobs and what powers th...

  • History Kids - 3 Branches of Government

    Learn all about the U.S. government. Realize why the writers of the U.S. Constitution created our government to include three governing branches: The Legislative Branch, The Executive Branch and The Judicial Branch. Furthermore, understand who is involved in each of the three governing branche...

  • History Kids - How a Bill Becomes a Law

    Learn what a bill is and how the process of a bill becoming a law gets started. An energetic, on-screen host suggests creating a bill yourself to save and protect your favorite, hometown park from being turned into a shopping mall. Follow along step by step, as your bill goes through the multi...